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That reminds me....

I was reading (well, skimming really) a wonderful, in its way, book about how "they" faked the moon landings.

A big part of it was devoted to the moon watch and the sinister machinations of the Omega watch factory in this great fraud committed upon an unsuspecting public. Most of it, of course, was about the shadows in the photos, the waving flag in the video shots and that sort of thing but the watch definitely came into it, I disremember how.

We once had this wonderful, in his way, flight instructor who did not believe in paying good money just to have his Omega Speedmaster overhauled. He told us about whipping the back off and giving it a few good squirts of WD-40, after which it resumed ticking like, well, a Swiss watch.

For how long, he didn't say. Of course he also claimed not to need Jepps, that he "memorised all the approaches," when we just thought, "Well, of course, but what about the revisions? How do you do the revisions then?"
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