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28L wrote:
I think that's a bit of an overguess. Isn't the ballpark formula to add around 1.5% per 1000ft? I.e. an IAS of 140kt would give a TAS of around 160kt at 9000ft. Ish!
ok,, then you mean that when you fly say at 39000, .78 mach, an IAS of 240 kts, your TAS is going to be 380 TAS? Where and What do you fly?
I dont have the exact formulas here and it depends on many factors including density and pressure altitude, but without braking into formulas and using a simple rule of thumb of 5kts per 1000 ft u get pretty close. Im not talking of exact figures here. I also have a good friend flying the A330 to Quito atleast twice a month and he has confirmed me that TAS 180 kts is more like it.
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