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The thrust reverse would only deploy on command from the throttle, i.e. independent of speed. On the pictures I've seen so far, looks like the T/R's were stowed. Maybe a tire burst distracted the crew from deploying the thrust reversers? Would (could??) a tire burst result in the crew being distracted from deploying the thrust reversers? Does a tire burst result in significant asymmetry to the A/C roll down the runway? Although hard (impossible) to know at this stage, was the burst reported on the nose or main landing gear??
I guess that was my way of saying that the thrust reversers dont seem to be deployed without turning this into a spotters thread
I wouldn't be surprised at seeing CFRP debris. I'd imagine most of the gear doors (& belly fairing??) are CFRP and would be expected considering the damage we've already seen to the main landing gear.
Im not surprised at CFRP debries, or its failure mode (shattering) on unstressed sections just wondering if you would get the same effect on stressed sections.

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