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I don't find any hearsay in the report - but your news report claiming the pilot suffered marital strife was pure hearsay. The accident report mentioned almost nothing about the state of mind or physical condition of the pilots. It mentioned he was singing during descent, which probably indicates an odd state of mind, but that is my conclusion only. We can only conjecture as to the condition the pilots were in, and why the NTSB chose not to disclose any details in that regard.

If you're looking for holes to line up, then read the conclusions of the report. A policy of rewarding crews for saving fuel, thereby discouraging them from going around (although the captain states categorically this did not influence his decision process.) A steep CRM gradient, inhibiting first officers from speaking up against the captain's actions. The crew not trained about GPWS. No evidence of the first officer being trained in taking over from a captain in an unstable approach. A runway with insufficient overrun. Emergency services unable to get to the crash site in a timely manner. An airport emergency plan which was inadequate and not followed anyway.

This is much more than just one pilot having a bad day.
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