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Congratulations on finding the report. At last you provide some evidence to support your contentions -but not the red-neck attitude I see you displaying. At this moment, I'm just in the door from work, so haven't yet had time to read or digest the report. I'm extremely impressed that the Indonesians have managed to publish a final report in such a brief time... almost any other ICAO state I can think of would barely be at the preliminary report stage now, still be gathering and contemplating existing evidence and searching for any other relevant data a mere 6 months after the event...

As I said I have not read the report yet, so in answer to your most current statements all I will say is: you offered absolutely no supporting evidence in previous posts at all -despite that fact being pointed out to you repeatedly. You dived straight into the discussion with what I personally thought of as an offensive attitude. You plainly fail(ed) to see the point of the original post and apparently still fail to see any of the inherent benefits to us all in such a paradigm. As I have said before I hope you personally are never in a position that may cause you to regret those words, or those same "pack mentality" standards be applied to your actions -whether you should be around to argue your case or not.

The whole point of this discussion is what you are missing. The Garuda case is but one of... how many? How long have you been in aviation? Has there never been a time you thought someone had been excessively harshly judged in the media/investigations for actions they are unwilling or unable to defend? Would you like to be in that position?
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