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Try this for what its worth, the facts came from their own association president, or reportedly so, or then again it may be
"Just more rumour, hyperbole, supposition and hearsay."
the pilot responsible for the Garuda air disaster in March that killed 21 people,
including five Australians, may have been distracted by fights with his wife and too little sleep the night
before the crash, fellow pilots have claimed. Indonesian police have confirmed that an accident
report, which identified Captain's poor decision-making as a key cause of the crash,
contained enough material to move to the next stage of a criminal prosecution. Garuda pilots
association president Stephanus Geraldus said yesterday problems at home helped explain why the
respected Captain, 45, attempted the high-speed landing on March 7.
Geraldus said conflict between Captain and his wife, former air hostess, was
“common knowledge''. The claim was backed up by aviation industry analyst Dudi Sudibyo, who
expressed disappointment that the report failed to delve into the pilot's mental state. Captain
and his co-pilot, reported at 4.30am for the scheduled 6am Jakarta-Yogyakarta
flight, the crash report said. “What I want to know now is: why he didn't report that lack of sleep and
ask to be shifted to the next flight, or maybe he felt extremely confident he could fly - overconfident,''
Sudibyo said.
Part of the same article that should have been added,
"He also said it was
possible that Garuda could be prosecuted for failing to properly train pilots. The report criticised
Indonesia's Director-General of Civil Aviation for neglecting to fix Garuda's training failings. (Source:
The Australian)

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