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No TLAW, that's pretty much how I read it, and why I quoted you directly. That is my assessment also, and why I support the 'no blame' ethos. Prosecution, whilst satisfying the primal urge for a blood-letting, a scapegoat, achieves nothing more. By it's very nature a prosecution of an individual or a group of individuals denies the existence of more than one direct causal factor. It assumes one direct action by one individual lead inevitably to one outcome. Napoleonic law. Stiflingly simplistic. Anachronistic. Out-dated. Out-moded.

To prevent the inevitable rediscovery of every aviation incident/crash, we must 1st understand correctly every factor that in any way contributed to that event, prepare appropriate defences, train the major players correctly and ensure supporting systems are in place and effective. The beat of a butterfly's wing that caused the typhoon. We must understand the entire process.

If an individuals primary concern in the wake of an event is of the consequences they will suffer, they will inevitably withold information in the hope of minimising those consequences. Human nature.

If there is a better way to achieve the safety outcome we all strive for, I would like to know it.
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