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Aeroplanes have been flying for a very long time now, I believe it would be fair to say that just about every stuff up that it is possible to make has been made. What is different now is that many people spend all their time trying to line up holes in Swiss Cheese. (Why Swiss Cheese?). What appears to be different now is that people will not accept they stuffed up. They go looking for a lump of cheese to find holes to line up. If a bus driver crossed the centre line on a highway and killed many people, do people say the silly buggar stuffed up? and should they be prosecuted, or do they go looking for a piece of cheese to line holes up in?? Why should anyone who drives aeroplanes be exempt from prosecution after carrying out a negligent action just because they drive aeroplanes? Is parking a serviceable aeroplane in a broken state, on fire, many people killed or injured not a grossly negligent action??
"At the same time, the safety foundation points out that even an organisation that promotes a "no blame" culture cannot tolerate irresponsible or careless acts, such as has happened with several pilots caught -on the flight deck- under the influence of alcohol."
Who is it in the safety foundation that decides what is the cut off point between a "no blame" act and what is a careless act?? does an act that results in the loss of lives and many injuries, and the aircraft, fall into a careless act, or as many would have us believe a no blame event.
"Small wonder that so many crash/incident causes go undiscovered or unreported when so many of us are so willing to pass such harsh public judgement on our peers with so little information available to us."
Specifically on the Garuda crash, there is ample evidence from the people who survived the crash, and from eye witnesses that the P1 should face charges of gross negligence. One of the reasons aviation progressed so fast in the early days was because peers passed harsh judgement, made one concentrate just that bit harder to not be on of the "there but for the grace of god" events.

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