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I looked at the partner airlines own websites although they do not appear to be as up to date as Wikipedia but.......wikipedia may not be up to date either (check the dates posted against their entries).

If needs be email each airline for stats on aircraft types and routes (Monarch helped me out this way) which ensures you have the most up to date info available.

Read Flight International Magazine and look at the Royal Aeronautical Society website for up to date Aviation news.

Also, research up to date aviation issues (fatigue, Open Skies, aircraft in development, environmental issues (i.e. noise and emmisions etc)) as you will more than likely be asked on these.

Remember though that your Stage 3 interview is based approx 90% on you and your experiences and approx 10% on your technical knowledge. Your technical knowledge will be geared towards your experience (although I've never flown an aircraft before in my life and was asked the difference between Boeing and Airbus winglets and their benefits.....a subject I had researched)

Ultimately, be yourself, tell the truth, give meaningful examples to back up your answers and if you honestly don't know the answer.....don't
bullsht, tell them you don't know.

Good luck
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