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My son also has AS and last summer he went from Gatwick to Kansas via Atlanta with Delta. He was on his own and he was only 16. We took him to the airport (obviously) and we discussed what he could expect to see and do after check in. He phoned before he got on the plane to say all was well. At Atlanta he had to change planes. We obtained a couple of maps and found out which piers the aircraft would be on. The luggage transfer was easy for him as again we obtained a map of the terminal so it would be easy to find. He also phoned from there as well to set my wife at ease. The time we allowed for transfer was easily manageable with plenty of flights later if he missed his flight. At Kansas he was met by family (who he had never met). Basically lots of planning with maps of airports and even seating plans helped. Phoned the airline before we booked and basically they were not a lot of help as they didn't seem to understand that a 16 year old could possibly need help and if he did we could pay extra (despite paying over 800 for his ticket). So the message is plan for as many eventualities as possible, get lots of maps, give yourself lots of time and don't turn down the free headphones (my son did as he had his ipod 'phones but they don't fit the airplane sockets!). He enjoyed the whole experience as will you.

Good luck.
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