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flungdung & gulliBell,
Hate to rain on your parade, but there are a few North Sea guys (OK contractors, not full timers) arriving tomorrow to start in Karratha on these rates.......
It's actually not that bad for them. OK granted, Karratha may not be the best place to work/live (consider Shetlands/Nigeria/etc...can't comment on them as I have not been there, but Karratha does have a bit to offer.....), but the rate is not too different to what they are currently on as contractors. Let me elaborate....

Current captain rate: $720 Aus + DTA = around $820.
Current BIAGL rate: 320 pounds, no DTA = $736.
It is no coincidence that the $720/day kinda works out to $736 once converted from British Pounds. It's the additional DTA that get them over the line here, therefore putting the onto a better deal than BIAGL.

Keep in mind that when the rate is so close, throw into the deal the fact that a year in OZ might be a good thing/nice holiday or change, I can tell you. IT'S A FACT: There are guys coming from the UK, as much as I F#@%ing hate it!! Unfortunately, we don't have that nice little protection clause over here, even though it has been fought with the federation!
All we can do is stick to our guns & work hard to come up with the best deal we can get. If it has a flow on affect to the industry...you beauty!! Let's grow together!

I thought on recent form that Bristows were putting on low experience local hires and nuturing them through their training systems, and for which they should be commended. Is that still not the case??
Good point, you are partially correct. This is kind of the case, except that the Company is growing at such a rate (including turning contracts down, as I'm sure the other 2 operators are doing due to manpower shortages) that the system simply cannot keep up.
If suitable applicants were there & the trainers could train them, they would be filling seats, trust me. There was a time not too long ago when the main shortage was lack of hardware (aircraft). With the new types being introduced into Bristow the world over (I hope we get them one day) and the old equipment is being sent here to squeeze the final years out, now software (pilots) is now the main limitation.

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