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We were cheated severely on the pay by Muhsen Mughrabi.
Per diem and much more.
We were lucky to grab part of our salary and a ticket home.
But is this not the way they do things?
They claim a loss and expect you the cockpit crew to share in this loss for their stupid mistakes!
Who else would fly an empty Tristar to Nigeria without funds up front?
You go back home and when they call you back you insist on the back money they owe you, then when they pay they set you up for the next fall.
Told Mushen I would not be coming back, I hope he has problems finding crews and the FAA shuts him down!
We should have known, payment in advance and a round trip ticket home.
I have been burnt before and should have known better so I can only blame myself.
I had a very severe argument with him in the hotel about his lies and deceit.
The lobby was full of children and I would not even want my own daughter to see two adults acting in this manner so I thought it best to end the argument.
He is really trash, Basem Mitchel's partner in crime!
As far as the failed 747 adventure he stated to me that it was the Jewish friends that stole from them and caused the reduced salary as promised.
This one Moshen Mughrabi and the Riad guy is trouble, lying cheating ali baba thieves.
His down fall is that this airplane is registered in the USA, lets see what happens next!
But am happy to be back home and not having to buy my own ticket back.
What goes around comes back around, his day is coming very soon.
You don't get to cheat lie and deceive forever.
With the N registration rules have to be followed, these people think they can shister USA too, wont happen this time.
No kiss kiss on the cheek here for not following the regs its comply or goodbye!

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