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You hear right (almost). There may be a massive payrise happening, but not with the full time guys!!
The deal is for a fixed 12 month contract, which can be extended by another 12 months. I figures it's the Companies attempt to attract North Sea guys. The rates are gross and are;
Capt: $720 day + DTA
SFO: $650 day + DTA
FO: $550 day + DTA.
Flights from anywhere in the world are also included in this.
Must come with an endorsment and suitable experince to fit into one of the categories. They were looking ofr 10 guys on each type (AS332L & S76). I am led to beleive that they are largly filled (7 X 76 and 7 by SP...roughly?)

Thing that really sucks about this, is that the Company keeps telling the full time guys (many of whom have showed 'committment' by moving to Perth, or moved back East, but still pay for airfares) that there is no more money to pay us, we have the best deal possible. Looks like a pretty big slap in the face when a deal is put on the table right in the middle of pay negotiations.
When Grassisgreeener made his post, it was intially about BHA pilots leaving. The biggest affect of this deal has been to damage morale. A few guys have started looking elsewhere, not only in Oz, but overseas. The say they are waiting for the vote. If it doesn't come off, time to punch out.
My concern, as someone who enjoys working for the Company, is that we will loose good people that we shouldn't have to for something so trivial.
I just hope all of our guys stick to their guns.
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