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Well, GG that’s a pretty emotive post, I have to say. Are you sure you are not in some way affected by this?

As I currently work for this Company, I can provide somewhat of an insight into what is currently occurring & perhaps offer my opinion on a few matters.................

The process has been long and not without hiccups, but a few things I must first point out……
I think overall, the vast majority of guys are happy to work for this Company (always exceptions). We have a pretty happy workforce on the whole (my opinion only).
Granted, most feel we are lagging the competition somewhat in the overall package, but I think most guys are committed to seeing the bargaining process through.
You must also understand that there is a process and we have not reached the end of it. Additionally (not supporting the management position, merely playing Devils advocate), they have a job to do in saying “NO” to what is being asked. When the process finally goes to vote (current EBA expires Feb 08) and, for example, a suitable package was not agreed upon, you may be correct in your assumption. Potentially & realistically, a percentage of pilots will no doubt leave. We have had 2 leave in the last 2 weeks and I do know that there others waiting like coiled springs for the Feb date. But, I have to say, I have faith in the body being united at present & I hope that it would not get to the point of good guys leaving. This however, is in the hands of the god’s. Let’s face it, the market has never been better for drivers.
As far as your comment “Don't they realise that there IS a shortage of multi-engine IFR helicopter pilots”. I am sure that they understand this, but to date, we have had a minimal number of pilots leave, therefore, they seem to be acting on the premise that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (ie. Why pay more if we don’t have to). I really hope that it does not get to a point that guys I respect and enjoy working with are forced to go elsewhere. We currently have a large number of middle aged, experienced pilots & I get the impression that for some, leaving for a better deal in Oz or overseas is not an issue. Only time will tell. We have after all heard that to get a secondment these days, resigning is the only avenue due to OZ shortages.
I guess the overall comment to your post would be, we know the jobs are out there, there may be guys considering it, but I feel we are united in applying the pressures that would see a better deal here rather than jumping the fence prematurely. But hey, that’s me & I could be way off the mark……

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