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EMIT made a lot of points...
Thanks for posting the JAA OD.

For the people who consider new or revised warnings to be the solution -
Do you have a better solution?

OK, so you are convinced that a warning during a high workload phase such as touchdown and landing roll will solve the problem?
No, because the warning itself will not prevent mishandling - that requires ability and training. In your B767 GPWS example the warning was perfectly valid but the crew actions were not correct. Are you suggesting that lack of correct response to a warning means that the warning is not required?

Additional concerns would be: an ECAM caution is inhibited at that stage, a warning not inhibited, but action is delayed until landing is complete,
Here I really disagree with you and some other posters. Any warning requires immediate action. That action may be:
Do nothing except monitor the flight path, or
Take action to maintain or restore a safe flight path.
Remember Fly - Navigate - Communicate...?

so you would have to seek it in a modification of the RETARD callout.
I disagree. We often hear the RETARD reminder (some pilots use it, incorrectly, as the cue to retard the thrust levers) - a different, stronger warning is required.
A Level 3 warning means that "The configuration, or failure requires immediate action:" due to
"Aircraft in dangerous configuration, or limit flight conditions (eg: stall, o/speed)" or
"System failure altering flight safety (eg: Engine fire.. excess cabin alt)"

Whether a red warning is displayed on the PFD or ECAM is irrelevant - it is a warning requiring immediate action.
Note: I do not imply that you have to carry out ECAM actions immediately. But a red warning requires immediate action.
Get used to it, and brief for it if you are operating with one T/R INOP !!

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