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Originally Posted by 3Ten
think the *RETARD* autocallout is itself more than sufficient warning to retard the throttles. If someone wants to come up with a new warning, I suggest that if after a while, only one throttle has been retarded, a 2nd autocallout should sound, louder: *BOTH, YOU DUMB ASS!*
That (minus the extra wording! ) was basically what the Taiwan investigators recommended, 3Ten; that the 'Retard' call should just continue until it was complied with.

Instead, no doubt for good reasons, Airbus designed (but did not at that time introduce) a separate warning including an ECAM notice, a chime, and the Master Warning Light:-

"Airbus has developed a specific warning when one throttle is set to reverse while the other is above idle. This warning generates an ECAM warning "ENG x THR LEVER ABV IDLE", a continuous repetitive chime (CRC), and lights the red master warning light."

Presumably that is the ($5,000 cost) warning system that Airbus are now offering, and that TAM (and no doubt other airlines) will be installing. Hopefully it will be standard on new construction as well.

Personally I can't see any good reason not to install it. It has no potential to confuse anyone since (like the 'undercarriage not down' alert) it will only sound if someone has made a really basic mistake. The vast majority of pilots will never see it operate, except perhaps in training.
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