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Lemurian said:
Of these, only Windshear TOGA and TCAS relate to a specific warning, out of the original design.
And none of these (in the A310, and I believe in the A320 as well) are ECAM warnings. They are other type of warnings or noticeable events.

In the QRH we can find the note that regulates the Memory Items initiation:

Note: Memory Items may be carried out by either pilot, since response time may be important for success. However, initiation of Memory Items must be called out by the PF.

In practical terms, this works like this: Either the PF calls for the memory items, or he performs them himself (calling simultaneously to be correct), because there are cases like a EGPWS or TCAS warning that require PF immediate action. But these aren't ECAM warnings.

I think the *RETARD* autocallout is itself more than sufficient warning to retard the throttles. If someone wants to come up with a new warning, I suggest that if after a while, only one throttle has been retarded, a 2nd autocallout should sound, louder: *BOTH, YOU DUMB ASS!*

That should do it.

(I'm not insulting the TAM pilots, let that be clear)
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