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Originally Posted by PBL
But digital FBW, like digital autopilots, has modes and I don't know any planes with analogue FBW that do.
Originally Posted by PK-KAR
Try the Tu204... If Quadruplex FBW fails, it reverts to a 3 channel analogue FBW.
I didn't know the Tu204 had an analogue FBW fall-back, thanks. But if it is a fall-back system, I doubt it has modes. Fall-back systems are designed to be simple, not complex.

Concerning reliability of the thrust lever system,
Originally Posted by PBL
The short answer is: quite a lot. It is a highly-redundant system.
Originally Posted by PK-KAR
Where can I find it in the FCOM? I need to read it to better understand it.
The ECAM warnings about power plant items are, of course, in the power plant section, 1.70. Controls and Indicators are 1.70.90; Warnings and Cautions are 1.70.90 p13, p14, 15.
FCOM itself is at http://www.smartcockpit.com/pdf/plan.../systems/0022/

Can you give me an address where I can send your bill?

The details of the design of the thrust lever quadrant and the thrust command system in general are not FCOM items. You might look at the note [email protected]:21.12 on the TL mechanism, and pictures from [email protected]:22.25 for the mechanism.

bsieker wrote something on TL-associated ECAM messages: [email protected]:11.56

Originally Posted by PK-KAR
So, if it was a failure, it should have had a warning, would this warning be inhibited on the final stages of the approach? *Just so that it's clear*
Now it's your turn to research it. Let us know.

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