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Originally Posted by Lemurian
Forget CAM as it is *cockpit area microphone* and concentrate on the *hot mikes* which precisely record left or right-hand seat interphone/communications.
I do actually know that, Lemurian - that's why I mentioned 'HOT-2.'

I started off trying to discover which of the two pilots actually flew the landing. I still don't know; do you?

Captain di Sacco has been named in a number of press articles as the 'pilot flying.' But the CVR phrases attributed to him came from HOT-2. I agree that most of what he said is more likely to have been part of the 'back-up' co-pilot role rather than that of the pilot flying. But that would mean that the vastly-experienced A320 pilot, Captain Lima, was flying the landing; and that makes it even more unlikely that an oversight like failing to retard both throttles,and indeed then put them both into reverse, could have occurred.

So can you confirm that Captain Lima was in fact the PF?
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