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Response time

I have seen no evidence what the response time was. The critical remarks seem to relate to the Swedish video. All the shots in this video have views from say 330 through to 135 degrees, nothing westerly from which the response was coming. Note the 09 distance remaining board 4 so the scene is a mile from 27 threshold. Now the firetrucks are to the south and the accident is to the north, so say a total of 1.2 miles to travel from a standing start in a heavily loaden truck with atleast 2 turns on a wet surface. Required average to be there in 1 min 72 m.p.h.!!!!!!!!! The final tenth on grass with a limestoney derived clay base (glue?).
Some later still shots show 2 sets of tracks on the grass indicating considerable wheel spin from the 2 heavy fire trucks.
Remarks about the video in most of the shots to the east the poor vis is due to smoke and water on the lens.
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