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Yes, this is a sad indictment of CASA. Every now and then they need a bit of a clout to be reminded they are here to serve us not control us. When journos stop stirring the pot so vigorously that the regulators are embarrassed into a move, then democracy is in real trouble! I don't really think that Paul's article has forced CASA's hand. Remember CASA don't do crash investigation. There would have been an ATSB investigation anyway. Whether or not CASA acts on the recommendations is another question.

Paul Phelan has been accused of CASA-bashing in the past and his "Backlash" column in Australian Flyinghas copped its fair share of criticism. However, Paul's research is usually second to none in the industry and he's never taken a backward step. This is what we need more than anything: someone who's prepared to write their name to considered comment and thumb their nose at the regulators on our behalf.

As a GA scribbler myself, some of my work has also been changed by subs to something that was not intended. It is infuriating, but there's nothing that can be done about it. The subs and editors have the final say; we with the bylines get the public thumping. That's the industry!

Disclaimer: Walrus has had work published by AF in the past and has had intermittent contact with Paul Phelan over the past three years or so. This post was edited to remove an embarrassing typo before anyone saw it.
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