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Me old ma got TB in 1974 but survived, we all had to be tested.

My best mate also got it a couple of years later. He almost died, and now has only a third of a lung on one side; the doctors weren't used to seeing it and missed the symptoms for almost a year. We used to go running a lot together; he went from being a very fast runner to a semi-cripple in months. They said if he hadn't been so fit he would have died from it. You didn't get to sue the health authority in those days.

Back to the main subject; someone who was a bit scatty or forgetful was said to be "Doolally" (I have no idea what it means or where that comes from). We have a friend known as "Doolally Sally" to differentiate between her and "Pally Sally" across the road. We could always use surnames I suppose, but that's too difficult.....

Aha! just found this:
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