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NorthSouth, I do understand your thinking but I don't consider the situation you describe to involve irresponsible "ploughing-on".

You talk about being on a "VFR transit" and "landing IFR traffic", so I assume you are probably talking about a Class D Zone transit. VFR/SVFR routings are quite often given through the overhead in these circumstances and, quite understandably, ATC may be unwilling to allow a VFR transit though the overhead with approaching IFR traffic, as there could be a potential conflict in the event of a go-around.

In these circumstances, I would expect ATC to make it absolutely clear if they required the Southern Boundary to be a Clearance Limit, as that would form part of your VFR Clearance. If this is not spelled out, then I believe the request for a position report is merely that - you call at the point requested, or as soon as you can after that if the frequency is busy.

I do believe that to orbit in such circumstances is both wrong and, indeed, might even be potentially dangerous. My reasoning is that, firstly, you would not be proceeding in accordance with your previous clearance and, secondly, you might even inadvertently generate another conflict by doing so, if for example there was traffic following you on a similar VFR transit.

Always remember there is one safe way to resolve any ambiguity in a clearance - ASK !!

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