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For landing, maybe, but also in regular use for fixed wing transiting traffic, normally "report approaching the southern airfield boundary" or similar.
Must say I have on occasions found it a bit nerve-wracking when I've been unable to get the RT call in because of other traffic and have then had to commence an uncleared orbit until the frequency's clear.
NorthSouth, I am a little puzzled by this reply.

If the "southern airfield boundary" has been passed to you as a Clearance Limit, then ATC will expect you to hold or orbit there pending onward clearance if you haven't received it by the time you arrive there. Alternatively, if you are merely asked to "report approaching the southern airfield boundary", then there is no need to orbit simply because you have not been able to pass the requested position report.

Either way, you shouldn't be doing an "uncleared orbit" ...

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