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"TAM President Marco Antonio Bologna testified before the commission yesterday and said thrust reversers are "the last redundancy" in braking an aircraft. He warned that "any kind of conjecture [on the accident's cause] would be premature before the investigation has been wrapped up." He noted that TAM's sales have been hurt badly by the accident, with ticket purchases down significantly." (ATW)

What a bunch of hypocrats. The brazilian authorities had no problems jumping to conclusions when they arrested two American pilots without a proper investigation. I know TAM had nothing to do with it, but it is pathetic to see what a change in attitude Brazil has had in general when it is one of their own.

I hope they learn something about propper investigation and implementing changes to prevent further accidents rather than just throwing out blame. Unfortunatey, judging by the way they are handling the whole ATC fiasco, I don't think they will.

I just wish exposing this outdated way of thinking hadn't cost so many people their lives.
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