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P.S.: Is it true the envolved Airliner and Aircraft maker participate in the investigation, but Congressmen, by ICAO rules, can't. ?
Can't it make investigations suscetible to vested corporate interests ?
What really rules ICAO ? Is it just aircraft safety ?
Of course the manufacturer participates in the accident investigation, as do many of the specialist suppliers to the manufacturer, they provide detailed technical information to the accident investigation board.

However, why would Congressmen need to take part? What could they possibly contribute? Surely the involvement of politicians is what would make any investigation susceptible to vested interests?

You only have to look at the leaking of the CVR/FDR data, safe at the NTSB, safe in the hands of the Air Force, leaked seconds after being locked in the safe in Brasilia, despite a request from the Brazilian investigators to keep everything under wraps until they had concluded their technical investigation.

Investigations should be left in the hands of the specialists.
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