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IT can't

The voice on the CVR says - IT can't IT can't. NOT I can't. This was in answer to the voice - Decelerate. i.e 'IT CAN'T DECELERATE' Nothing to do with the TL No2.

Why does it not decelerate. - The runway is super slippery, like thin ice was mentioned earlier. The no2 engine would have been producing climb thrust at this stage. Either because the AT had disconnected or that it was trying to maintain Vref. The anti-skid system would be continuously engaging at this time. - just as it should.

There is a fix for having one TL forward on landing and was implemented by Airbus.

Flyingnewbe -
"Airbus has developed a specific warning when one throttle is set to reverse while the other is above idle. This warning generates an ECAM warning "ENG x THR LEVER ABV IDLE", a continuous repetitive chime (CRC), and lights the red master warning light. This new warning is implemented in the FWC standard "H2F3""
It just was not implemented on this aircraft. At least it is not on the CVR.

This warning would probably have saved the day.

According to the SOP into CGH the Wheel Brakes are manual. Hence no decel.
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