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I've read practically all of this topic, can't instantly point back to the right post, but this sounds familiar, and has been mentioned before. Same scenario, but on a nice long and dry runway. Maybe somebody else remembers.

Rain, short, wet, slippery runway to set the scenario.
"Right TR inop."
Thinks ... what does the MEL and the SOPs say? Do not select the inop TR or select both? Move both TLs to idle then reverse, or leave the righthand TL in idle? Select both TRs anyway, or not select the inop one?
Only seconds, mind you, and something else can have happened to distract.
And somehow, somewhere, a mind link gets broken, and not only does the right TR not get selected (which would not have mattered) but the right TL lever does not get pulled back either, at all.

"No decel!", "no spoilers!"
Twenty seconds to think back to what you did, and to realise there might have been something you didn't do... too long.

No ground spoilers, no autobraking.... if you know the aircraft your thoughts go to the squat switches, or aquaplaning, not to a TL you left where it shouldn't have been - because your mind set at that moment was that it should be there.

Humans will always make mistakes.
They should have margins to correct for them.
There were none, this time.
Short runway, wet runway, no grooving. No overrun, no EMAS.

May their souls rest in peace.
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