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OK just re-checked my manauls, and no the 757 will not let you do that!
reverse levers can only be lifted if both thrust levers are closed
either thrust lever can only be opened if both reverse levers are down
so you are protected both ways - no reverse if one still in forward, no forward if one still in reverse.

So in order to try and replicate what happened I would have to close both, land, put one in reverse, and re-open the other one - but the aircraft will not let me do that. And thats a 25 year old design. And I'm pretty sure my spoilers would deploy anyway - i need to check the logic on those.
Boeing don't put too many interlocks in, but they obviously think this one is important. Surprising then that with all airbus's interlocks and overides that it lets you do this, and more to the point will actually do it itself.
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