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For those so vociferously defending the airbus logic, just remember one thing.
These pilots, as most / all pilots are, were highly skilled and highly trained. They did not intend to crash, they did not intend to kill themselves. therefore one can assume that whatever they did made absolute sense to them at the time. The fact that they made, what to them at the time, with the data they had was a sound a decision and got bitten for it, means that there is a fault with the man-machine interface. End of story.
You can sit reading a book and say it all makes sense as much as you like, but the fact remains that something in that logic screwed 2 experienced pilots and killed 200 people. The fact that it appears to have happened in at least 2 other accidents, (and from that we can assume that it has also happened on other occasions which didn't lead to accidents, and so didn't get reported) means that this now needs to get fixed, pronto.
I don't have an axe to grind one way or the other about Boeings and airbus's, all makes of aircraft have had 'quirks' that have caused problems. That this particular quirk appears to have caused more than one accident, means it is real, and it exists and it needs to go.

FWIW, Personally I like tactile feedback - I like thrust levers that move and sodding great spoiler handles that ping back to show me the spoilers have deployed
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