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My initial idea was not that of a "magic button". SoaringTheSkies picked it up nicely and explained the "override interlocks concept" much better than I would have been able.
Many posts so far have claimed that the danger of commanding a full stop at the wrong moment would be a greater risk than the very rare cases where the automated logic confuses the pilots with disastrous results. Maybe thats the case. I doubt it. I have not yet heard of pilots of military jets to trigger the ejection seat unintentionally, and I have not yet heard of pilots flying GA aircraft equipped with safety parachutes to fire them without reason. I would assume that a pilot hitting the "break interlocks override" or whatever the feature is called at Mach 0.8 at FL 390 might be able to envisage the consequences.
But Murphy rules that if it is physically possible to land an aircraft with the TL's in the climb detent, then someone will eventually do it. If you dont touch the levers during the whole flight, some crew might just forget it at the final flare. We all know they should'nt, but it's human to forget things, particularly when other stress factors and/or fatigue influence crew performance. and particularly if some computer system hides the causes until its too late to do something about it.
I wonder how many crews may have had wet pants after a stop at the very end of a runway because of some similar chain of events, but were lucky enough not to make it into the newspapers.
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