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nada - may I sort out some confusion for you? With the 737 it would be pretty well impossible to have a T/L in a 'CLIMB' setting as the highest it would normally be would be at an approach setting. The 737 does not have a 'CLIMB' setting. There is also no way a throttle would 'advance' to any other setting after landing as Autothrottle is already disconnected - and WILL NOT re-engage. The only time that I can envisage that it could 'activate' is if the landing is made with A/T 'engaged' but 'armed' and a fault occurs in the air/ground sensor, but again it would advance both T/Ls.

We are looking at a different auto system here, and while leaving a T/L at 'approach' power would be pretty nasty in a 737 on a wet slippery runway, it would not be so calamitous as it would with this system. I suppose I could envisage a situation where a sudden loss of speed near touchdown caused the HP to increase power significantly, but here again it would be both throttles and there would be a significant visual and tactile clue. If, as suggested in 4HP's post a way back, the hand is REMOVED from a T/L the tactile input is lost and you are really left with only electronic indicators to tell you.
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