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1. airbus flap settings are called "config" .. A320 has CONF 1, 1+F, 2,3, and FULL. FULL and 3 are "normal" landing CONFs.
Speedbrakes (in-flight use of spoilers) are inhibited in FULL, but Ground Spoilers and Autobrake are always available on the ground in any config.

2. Ground spoiler indication is on lower ECAM - two lines of arrows (tiny Christmas trees?) pointing upwards. If no operation just two lines of dashes with no arrows.
Autobrake has Blue ON light in pushbutton (p/b), but to assess correct Decel PNF is looking for IAS trend arrow on PFD, feeling the decel, and least important the Green DECEL light in the Autobrake p/b. You really can feel MED Autobrake against your harness.
Thrust increase on No.2 would be shown on N1 and EGT (dials) and N2 (digital value) on upper ECAM. The No.1 N1 gauge will show the word REV (boxed) in amber then green (in centre of dial) as the reverser deploys - when green N1 EGT N2 will increase if MAX REV selected. They will not be synchronised but both engines will show a thrust increase.

PNF should be head down monitoring ground spoilers and reverse - it's not fault analysis it's making sure the systems operate as advertised, calling as such, and alerting PF if they do not. Either PNF or PF would also call a relevant ECAM message.

Any reference to PF/PNF actions are airbus SOP's and may vary in individual airlines.
Cheers, TP
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