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Originally Posted by discountinvestigator
Option 3 TL1 Full Reverse TL2 "near idle" SELECTED
No LVR ASYM message
PARTIAL spoiler deflection, all come up to 10 degrees. FULL spoiler deflection shown on the wheel page.
Cannot work out what is happening with autobrake from the books, (help?) but manual brakes should be available. Displays as per option 1.
My book says, automatic braking activates when it is armed and the ground spoilers extend. (FCOM 1.32.30, P3)

The ground spoiler extension logic has been beaten to death here, but as to where TLA "at or near idle" is, The Book (FCOM 1.27.10, P13) says:

Less than 4 degress above 10ft RA, or less than 15 degrees below 10ft RA.

So your Option 3 will have autobrake available.
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