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I believe there may be some ergonomic issues. I find the T/L's on the Airbus untraditionally small and with a short "throw" and very little friction damping. I have and have observed a T/L displaced forward when the hand is moved to activate the reverse levers. This is more prevalent with larger type hands and also when transitioning from RHS to LHS or vice versa. It may be displaced by the hand/wrist or shirtsleeve or watch band (hands up how many of you have a large watch?) This displacement is not readily apparent especially at night until the selection of reverse is attempted at which point the asymmetry is discovered and corrected. However with one reverser u/s there is less chance of discovery especially using the "old" MEL procedure. Perhaps the addition of an idle "detent" would be of value.

I agree with flyingnewbie10. All aircraft have one or more unique "booby traps" but I find this one has exceeded the quota.

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