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I am not rated on the A320 (yet).

What triggers the autobrakes and autospoilers in the 320? is it both levers to idle, or something else? i.e if one lever had inadvertently been left just outside the gate would it prevent the brakes and spoiler from operating?
The autobrakes get their go signal from the ground spoiler actuation which in turn is triggered via the TL position. Movement of the TLs into the 0 degree (idle) or reverse area signals the logic to deploy the ground spoilers when the aircraft is on the ground - as detected by wheel tachs and LG strut compression switches.

Ground spoilers can also give partial lift dumping when no TL is
greater than 20 degrees and at least one is in reverse, however full deflection of all panels requires both TLs to be in idle position or reverse.

Manual braking is always available with full anti-skid protection no matter the TL position (as far as I know.)
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