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Angel autothrust disconnection

This refers the discussion going on here and a very detailed answer on the issue which should?? have put to rest the doubts. Again to clarify, on 320, as you flare, retard retard starts to sound and you are required to bring BOTH (emphasis mine) TLs to idle. I really dont comprehend why a sane person will not bring all TLs to idle for landing.
In case, you DO NOT or DELAY bringing the TLs to idle, autothrust automatically cuts off. Some of you 320 jocks might have experienced it while trying to delay bringing the TLs to idle to "cushion" landing with some thrust kicking in and then bringing TLs to idle. In this situation autothrust cuts off and the appropriate "autothrust off" caution comes on. However, since you are landing and the TLs come to idle and then to reverse, it goes off soon.
What is the meaning of "autothrust off" - it just means that the FADEC will now set engine thrust corresponding to whatever is the position of TLs. So, in case, with autothrust cut off, if any TL is above the idle position, the FADEC will set thrust on THAT engine to correspond to the position of TL (represented by the donut).
In airbus training, it is clearly emphasised to bring BOTH TLs simultaneously to idle at flare. If this direction is not followed or overlooked, then you are playing with fire.
Like it is said in aprevious thread, you need to know with the idiosyncracies of a particular type and follow them and not invent your own procedures or let previous habits of some other aircraft get in the way.
Just for a B type, I wouldnt be looking at the thrust levers at flare to see where they are. Do you?
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