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However the information about the speed of the A320 was confirmed by local authorities. And the Infraero (the company responsible for airport administration in Brazil) footage does not let too much doubt about it.
Forgive me - wiith no disrespect meant whatsoever, "local authorities" means nothing in terms of a formal accident investigation even though such testimony will be taken as part of any such investigation. Unless it's from the FDR, (where available, of course - and this one is), such "information" has the same status as hearsay.

Re, "not too much doubt",

Perhaps for those who wish to draw unsubstantiated conclusions, but that is not the evidence upon which flight safety investigations are built - far too much can be manipulated in a video which does not have validated "chain of evidence possession" constraints in terms of handling. The DFDR is the only source for such information. You have acknowledged that. Why are you pursuing avenues outside of your acknowledgement?

By the way:

Do you confirm that even if the AutoThrust kept engaged at touchdown for some reason, the TLA position would be respected by the FADEC in case the right TL was just "a bit" over the idle donut ? The right engine would not "accelerate" more than those two or three degrees shown by the TLA ?
Look - you say you've read the thread. My post provides sufficient information on the Airbus autothrust system for any professional pilot to comprehend. Where are you going with this line of questioning?
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