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Republique Francaise

Service de L'Information Aeronautique


Probably all you need to know can be found here including airfield charts for download. Look in the AIP section under VAC / VAC Helistation. All the regs are there as well.

The "Helisurface Permit" if you wish to land outside an airport as you are "etranger" will take some time to obtain yet is valid for 10 years.

Keep in mind that you may operate in the EU for only 6 months prior to someone asking you about "tax". And yes they do check!

If you intend to operate throughout Europe the easiest is to get hold of Jeppesen Bottlang Airfield manual and Jepp VFR charts. In Europe there are VFR approaches and departures for every airfield!!! See the Jepp site.

In the Bottlang manual it lists the "particularities" with each country regarding flight planning, NGT VFR etc. NO NGT VFR in Greece for example. Yes in France with conditions etc. etc.

France I find aviation friendly as they do make the odd jet transport aircraft and a few helicopters and GA is pretty big.
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