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This is a Quote from Fly747. Please pm him/her directly if you would like more info. He/she has offered:

Selection Process.The selection process runs over three days:

Day 1: Is a welcome chat/brief; document check, incl logbook/licence, etc; followed by technical quiz of 30 questions, ranging from easy to hard. Not too much emphasis is placed in this in terms of the final outcome, it is mainly designed to separate the pretenders and contenders. This is followed by the sim. Yep, sim on day one. I have more info about the sim content if required.

Day 2: This includes a few teamwork exercises/workshops and role play etc. This is followed by a brief on T&Cs at Emirates, life in Dubai, and includes a short tour of Dubai, including pilot accommodation/villas, medical facilities and training facilities if there is time.

Day 3: This includes psychometric testing and the panel interview, which is generally a conducted by an HR person and a Captain on the pilot selection committee. After the interview is the medical.

Good luck!

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