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Re part time. Virgin Blue does offer part time, however the waiting list is about a mile long, with crew moving up the list at about 1 per month. Fellow crew please correct me if I am wrong. Not sure how quickly the CS moves, but considering nearly every CS is on the list, I cant imagine it being very quick!

I think you also have to be in your position for 9 months before you can put yourself on the list.

Regarding the recruitment days, just be yourself. If only we knew what the icing on the cake was as too getting selected. Usual things apply, team playing, adaptability, customer service. I imagine past experience would come in handy.

Not sure how they pick people of the database, I assume it is a list and it goes in order of when you submitted your details. Make sure you have 6 months left on your CPR and 12 months on your Level 2 or you wont even get a look in.

Goodluck to anyone applying.
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