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Hi Changes,

We're all mentioning the first 6 months because that's the probationary period, and you don't get any staff travel benefits in that time. So commuting would probably be even more expensive than the cost of renting down there.

I'm not too sure on the whole thing though, if I get down there and realise it's about the same cost, then I may just commute from the start. But I've never been cabin crew before and I kind of want to find my feet down there before I start commuting up and down the country, bit scary!!

Virgin didn't specify a distance within which we had to live, so it's not a problem to commute in their opinion. But as somebody has already said, if you're on your month of standby with Virgin, you need to be able to get to the airport within 2 hours I think. So even if I was up in Scotland by then, I'd have to move back down for 4 weeks.

Jill x
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