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My first experience of a go-around was in November 1984 when returning to BFS from LGW with the future Mrs. Frequentflyer on a Dan Air 1/11.
As I remember it took four attempts to land because of fog over the runway and the pilot came on the intercom to tell us he was 'embarrassed' to say a British Midland DC9 had managed to get in between our attempts.
He also said if he couldn't do it we would have to divert to DUB.
As we descended again only to power up and climb back into the sky I can remember the woman sitting behind me saying: "Oh please. Just go to Dublin."
I had no more experience of go arounds until a few years ago when Mrs. Frequentflyer and I were on board an Embraer 145 travelling from BHD to MAN.
During the final stages of the descent over Stockport the plane lurched violently from side to side. The first lurch meant we were looking down the wing at the ground and less than a second later, or so it seemed, we were looking up the wing at the sky.
The pilot immediately accelerated and climbed before telling us we had encountered the wake vortex of a much larger aircraft.
On Christmas Eve 1997 we were approaching Manchester in an ATP in the roughest flying I've ever experienced.
I went so far as to warn Mrs. Frequentflyer a go-around was a strong possibility but when it actually came to landing we hardly felt the wheels touch the ground.
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