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I am not sure I would want my whole working day monitored, so I have sympathy on that point, but IF an airline decides it wishes to provide this service to its customers then they have given me the right to listen and removed your right to privacy - the gripe would be with them.

I think the crew need to take a look at their superiority complexes which lead them to believe it is nothing to do with the pax. This smacks of the old days when the F/O was not allowed to question to Pilot's decisions and how many accidents resulted from that? I was reminded of the Kegworth disaster in a post recently and advised to always mention to the cabin crew if I thought there may be a problem with the aircraft - maybe if the pax had heard the cockpit audio and seen that the wrong engine was being shutdown, that whole disaster could have been averted? Perhaps a very experienced aviator is on board and may be able to assist if there is a problem on a flight - I remember a flight that crashed in the US many years ago where a pax turned out to be a pilot who assisted in operating the throttles when things went bad. There could be situations where we would have an input, but these are rare cases and of course I wouldn't be phoning my lawyer from on-board.

On the other hand I can accept that some pax may react badly to listening to information that they don't understand, and that those listening would have a responsibility to deal with what they hear correctly. As with TV etc, those who don't wish to listen can turn off.
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