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Hi Jo,

We got told at the interview that a mobile phone contact number is permissible, so don't worry Apparently that Gatwick Crew website is good, so don't worry Another one is the flycomplacement website. You do need internet access, but I'm sure the lady who runs that website knows this, as she caters specifically for the needs of trainees. Phone her up to check - it should be fine!

I can't WAIT to move down!!

Hi L-EO, I'm on the course just after you, the 26th! So I'm sure I'll see you there at some point! Will be glad to see a fellow Scot, hehe I'd love to commute like the previous post suggests, but I'm thinking that until staff travel kicks in after 6 months, I'm not gonna be able to afford it. It's all confusing at the mo though, will wait and see when I'm down!!

Jill x
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