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Has someone not done enough research into why this is being done?
Airlines dont fly for the fun of it there is always a reason.
This is how I see the picture correct me if I have not got it all correct.
Aircraft needs a check on a regular basis and aircraft go tech as well so here we go.
No room in the engineering facility at Heathrow so the aircraft needs to go somewhere else, where? the company has engineering facilities which at Cardiff.
Aircraft goes to Cardiff for a major check so it is empty, when the aircraft has finished and fit for commercial flying it postions back to Heathrow.
Or does the Governmint expect the aircraft with a full load of passengers on to drop into Cardiff on its last sector before going on check and then coach passengers down when the aircrafft is fit for its first flight again.
These things have been happening for a very long time, take good old Dan Air there major engineering facility was Lasham so they would position out of Gatwick and then postion back after the check so what is the difference when Dan Air did it and BA don,t say it is just to keep slots it is to do with costs.
So Tone and your No Ten colleagues need to understand the full ins and outs of how aviation needs to work to keep costs down.
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