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I start on the 26th March, and I'm moving to London on the 25th. I think I'm doing what most people are doing - staying in temporary accommodation near Gatwick, as we train near Gatwick airport...and then after the 6 weeks training, I'll move elsewhere. Possibly nearer Heathrow, as more flights go from there, you're right...but I really like the area I'm in at Gatwick so who knows - might end up staying somewhere there! I'd definitely look for somewhere nearer Gatwick to get you through the 6 weeks training, as you don't want a big journey added onto the stress of training.

After the training I've no idea where I'll be lol! Eek!

From what I understand, there's a crew bus that goes between the 2 airports, not sure of times etc though. I'm sure we'll find all that out down there (hopefully!!) - I feel totally in the dark lol!

Jill xx

ps Jade I was laughing so much at the e-learning thing, oops!!! It will be fine, hehe!
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