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Check your Part A if you are EU or JAA.

Control of Occupational Exposures of Pregnant Women (1.390(a)(3))

Female aircrew should notify their employer if they become pregnant so that any necessary dose control measures can be introduced. The protection of the foetus should be comparable with that provided for members of the public. This means that, once the pregnancy is declared, the employer must plan future occupational exposures such that the equivalent dose to the foetus is unlikely to be greater than 1 mSv during the remainder of the pregnancy. The cosmic radiation exposure of the body is essentially uniform and the maternal abdomen provides no effective shielding to the foetus. As a result, the magnitude of equivalent dose to the foetus can be put equal to that of the effective dose received by the mother.

In plain language, the above is not reasonably possible. You will be grounded by most Airlines and found work on land.

Hope it helps, good luck to you and bambino
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