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Sukigirl, for what itīs worth, obeying company rules and procedures in connection with pregnancy is one of the few things in my life I truly regret.

I donīt know if our childrenīs health problems are due to the fact that I blindly did as I was told by our company doctor, namely fly until 5 months pregnant. But I strongly suspect they do.

I do know for a fact that their problems were exacerbated by me going back to work in accordance with the rules, and thus stopping breastfeeding them, after 8 weeks.

Medical research at the time said it was fine to fly, these days it says the opposite. If your company offers you the option of grounding yourself, Iīd say you would do yourself a favour and go for that.

If it costs you money, consider this... your baby does not need a brand new version of everything, second hand crib, car seat, whatever will do fine.
Your baby does need the best possibly conditions to grow into a healthy little human being while under your heart.

I so wish I had been less obedient 20 years ago, and had not suffered from execessive work-ethics.

Go for it Sukigirl, good for you that you are looking for information.
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