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Parisienne Hi how are you?

Ok let see if I can help with your questions..................
would love to join easyjet, but I have to decide the base of my preference... One of my dreams is always been to live in Paris for a while
Ok firstly, If you want to go for a european base eg Orly, firstly as well as speaking english you need to be able to speak the language of the european base you apply for, so Orly you need to speak french (Obviously if your french your off to a good start ) and then of course you need to check we are recruiting for Orly, which at present we are.

- Average salary
Ok firstly As part of the recruitment team I am not sure if I can give out this info on a forum. However what I will say is during your training course you only get a basic, then your salary goes up in satages, after trainging you go to Probationary crew, then after 6 months you go to rank og cabin crew then after that you have the opportunity to go for Senior. And also on top of basic you get commision on everything you sell onboard as well as sector pay.
On a recruitment day we do go through all this with you in more detail. And I will say you will be pleasently suprised at the achievable salary.

- Cost of accomodation, how easy/difficult it is to find a nice room with wi-fi connection ( cost of bills, transport)
- which is the area nearest to Orly/ the area where cabin crew usually stay
-what s the atmosphere like
= how many cabin crew are based there
-do you get overnights
- whats the roster like
- Is there a bus for easyjet staff?
- do you work at CDG as well as at Orly
-whats the staff travel allowance like
With regard to these question i am guessing they are aimed at you being based in Orly, Unfortunatly I have little knowledge of Orly so can't really help here. However when you join easyjet there is the company intranet where people advertise accomadation or you can advertise for wanted accomadation, and it is very useful.

HI where can I retrieve the 20 pages of the last year thread with all the tips for the selection process?
My Tips

1) Be smart, no jeans smart or not, no trainers or scruffy shoes i am sure you get the drift. (you will be suprised what turns up at times.

2) Be early, take in to account traffic, roadworks accidents. So give yourself plenty of traveling time to the interview. It is worth checking the internet for roadworks ect along the route you play to go to the recruitment day.

3) Check the airlines website for info on the airline, their web sites always contain info about the story of the airline as well as current airline info. You never know what you may get asked.

4) Be prepared for tests eg. maths and english (depending on the country of the airlinethen there may be local test) with maths its not rocket science just simple sums with currency conversions (conversion charts will be provided).

5) If the chance comes up for a question and answer session have some good questions ready that you want answered.

6) If there are team/group excercises be yourself, dont try dominate the exercise work together.

7) Try not to be to nervous in the interview, I know it's easier said than done, but try relax, listen to the interviewer and don't feel uncomfortable if you want to ask the interview to repeat something (as long as it was not cause you just were not listening).

8) BE YOURSELF it is nice to see people for who they are and see their personalities. Don't try be someone your not, or try be someone you think the airline want. Be You.

I hope these tips help you, again due to being on the recruitment team, I have to becarefull on how much info I post.

Good Luck
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